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Shiner Signs. Proud to be an environmentally friendly Meriden, Connecticut based Company.


Environmentally Friendly Removal and Installation


Being environmentally friendly means making both a financial and ethical commitment - it means more than recycling old materials. At Shiner Signs we are always looking for new ways to reclaim materials and improving our manufacturing process to make it more efficient. We have been in the same Connecticut community and same location for many years and we live in that community. We recycle almost every part of the signs we make and the signs we remove.


Making more energy efficient signs and Eco Sign Upgrades


Current sign designs are much more efficient than designs from even 5 years ago and are usually the most cost efficient way to realize energy and maintenance savings. In many cases, especially when signage is on 24 hours a day, it pays to upgrade an existing sign to newer technology. Here are some of the major savings that can be realized by buying a new or upgrading your current sign:


Replacing neon sign lighting with LEDs = energy savings of 75% to 90%, with less maintenance and longer life, all while eliminating mercury content.


Replacing neon with fluorescent lamps = energy savings of 23% to 50% more energy.


Replacing T-12 fluorescent lamps with T-8 or T-5 fluorescent lamps = energy savings of 12% to 27% more energy.


Replacing fluorescent lamps with LEDs = energy savings of 12% to 38%


Energy Saving Service and Repair


Better planning and working closely with your Shiner Signs Project Manager and our real-time online status system means we can ensure the fewer trips to the site. In addition by making sure the truck, the installation team and details are covered before we send them we can do it all faster and with far fewer trips to the site.


A Green Company


Green manufacturing and installation are only part of the solution. Here are some of the other commitments we have made to doing it right:

Using energy-efficient lighting and HVAC equipment
Installing Energy Star appliances
Reducing paper waste with digital technology
Choosing suppliers with recycling packaging and more efficient technology.
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