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Most of our competitors provide project management services but our clients will tell you that Shiner Signs project management services really are a step up from the usual service. Simply put - our Project Managers are better and can do more of the work that will tie up your company's resources. If your company is a major retail or franchise retail operation our better Project Managers, ahead of time manufacturing and installation let your company's resources focus on revenue producing tasks and doing what they do best.


Specifically, Shiner Signs project management services include:


Surveying and photographing each new location to analyze site conditions, identify traffic patterns, photographing surrounding signage, and recommending placement for maximum visibility of your new sign package.


Providing Account Managers who will personally verify code information with each municipality, landlord, or governing authority that impacts your sign package.


Providing an Account Manager who will negotiate with your landlords, developers, and sellers to alleviate identity issues before you sign a lease or purchase property and handle any variances or zoning appeals that may arise so that you can be assured someone representing your best interests with the experience and knowledge of that town or city's rules.


Provide a development survey that includes written code checks, scaled color renderings of proposed signage, site plans, and the photos


Provide a comprehensive research package details allowable signage and recommends placement options to provide your brand maximum exposure.

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